Congratulations to our Expo competition winners from the visitors to our booth: …and the winners and what they won…

Gift card of Bangkok Airways

Miss Nada Song

Ascentec Technologies Ltd.

A bottle of whisky

Miss Janjaree Chianwichai

Mice & Communication Co., Ltd.


Four bottles of supreme wine

  • Mr. Kittidit  Thanaditsuwan, The Nation Multimedia Group Pcl.
  • Miss Pakamart,  PSP Furniture & Design Co., Ltd.
  • Miss Vannipa Pipupchayasit, Board of Thailand Investment (BOI)
  • Mr. Pongpak  Jaruthong, Super Central Gas Co., Ltd.

Flexible Box: A new way to lay out web pages

For a few years now the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards body have been leading browsers on a merry chase with their continually changing specifications for what is now known as the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module.

The current incarnation of the layout system is however implemented in the development versions of some browsers. This will most likely develop quickly as all popular browsers makers have expressed enthusiastic support for this standard.

Salween Solutions made a presentation on this new way of laying out web pages at Barcamp Bangkok last weekend.
The layout system works by continually dividing up the page into weighted flow-based columns and rows. In this way, it makes it easier to create sophisticated, yet responsive layouts than the current CSS box model.

To find out more about this standard please read the w3c recommendation.

We have a new website!

The design is the same so far but all out images are of us and our real team members. No stock images for us.

The HTML is completely adheres to the W3C HTML5 Standard and we’re now using WordPress as our content management system.

The Thai version is coming shortly…

Is Firefox to be compiled using Visual Studio 2010?

Mozilla’s two step optimized compile process for the 32-bit Firefox browser is maxing out the memory limit for 32-bit applications (around 3 GB) according to h-online.

One solution seems to be to compile Firefox in Visual Studio 2010 as the Microsoft compiler apparently uses less memory then the one they currently use.

If pride is an obstacle, another solution is to compile the 32-bit version on a 64-bit windows machine.

Welcome New Developer

Salween Solutions has hired Thanasunn Dilokpinitnun the winner of the 2010 Microsoft international development competition the Imagine Cup. Thanasunn and his 3 partners brought victory to Thailand in the Cup finals in Poland last year with software they developed that provides sign language translations.

We are very proud to welcome Thanasunn as the newest member of our development team.

Happy 2011

It has been a great year for Salween Solutions in 2010. We have develop over 15 projects and able to initiate new technology and innovation in the projects.

Salween Solutions uses an agile approach to software development projects. It ensures that the client test, review and make changes to the software throughout the project without affecting timeframes or costs. This results in the better software which suites to what is actually needed.

2011, one of big plan of Salween Solutions is Sigma Projects for Resultmaker, Getting Search Engine Optimizing Website Running.

Thank you to all our clients that made 2010 such a great year for Salween Solutions. We developed projects over a range of industries and got to use some of the newest technologies including .Net 4.0, jQuery and HTML 5.

2011 looks like is going to be even bigger. This year we are emphasising our SCRUM project methodology after so many successes in 2010.

So from all the Salween Solutions staff, thanks again and Happy 2011.

We don’t need no education

Even though an education would have prevented the writer of the above statement from using a double negative, this should be the motto of anyone serious about usability in their software.

A study by Professor Sugata Mitra has been tracking the usage of internet linked computers they embedded in walls in Delhi, India. The study found that the slum children, who had little education and never used a computer before, quickly picked up the skills to use the computer and the internet.

One of our targets when testing software for usability is enable an adult to sit down and be use the software to perform it’s functions without training or instructions. (This is arguably a tougher goal although we may assume the adult has used a computer before.)

While intuitive software isn’t the only usability indicator it is one of the most important (and fun) to aim for.

Salween Solutions develop new image analyzer

We’ve partnered up with Sign Works Co., Ltd., one of the biggest sign producing companies in Thailand. They a have wide and prestigious range of customers from all over the world. We’re developing a new way of calculating quotations on signs, making it possible for software to intelligently analyze the customer sign sketches and compute a quote in real time. This software will ensure Sign Works leaps the head of their field.